As a new market player, we decided to provide high-quality ESD polycarbonate sheets to our prospective partners at affordable prices.

Our continuously expanding product range is tailored to the needs of our customers.

In addition to board sales, in the near future we have set the goal of being able to carry out machining and bending operations, so that we can provide a ready-to-use product.

Field of use: safety glazing, machine coverings, workstation coverings.

The electronics industry likes to use it because of its good mechanical and ESD properties.

Key parameters:

3mm ESD Polycarbonate
4mm ESD Polycarbonate
5mm ESD Polycarbonate
6mm ESD Polycarbonate
8mm ESD Polycarbonate
item number: 182241111
item number: 182111111
item number: 182121111
item number: 182131111
item number: 182251111
276 EUR
324 EUR
353 EUR
479 EUR
720 EUR
92 EUR/m2
108,0 EUR/m2
117,7 EUR/m2
159,7 EUR/m2
240 EUR/m2

In case of continuous or larger quantities, ask for our special offer!

Our prices are calculated at the current daily Euro rate and do not include VAT!