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Engineering Plastics

IPlastic POM

Excellent machinability, it is particularly suitable for the production of mechanical precision components.

IPlastic G10 Fiber Glass

General construction material. Has increased size and rigidity. Based on epoxy resin

Iplastic PA6 +30% GF

General construction material. Has increased size and rigidity

ESD Polycarbonate

4mm ESD Polycarbonate

Item number: 182111111
324 EUR
108,0 EUR/m2

5mm ESD Polycarbonate

Item number: 182121111
353 EUR
117,7 EUR/m2

6mm ESD Polycarbonate

Item number: 182131111
479 EUR
159,7 EUR/m2

The product range is being expanded, please also contact our

IPlastic PTFE, IPlastic PA6-30GF, IPlastic Durostone,  IPlastic G10 Fiber Glass


In case of continuous or larger quantities, ask for our special offer!

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As a new market player, we decide to provide high-quality technical plastics to our future partners at a favorable price.

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